Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician

Position: Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician

About Us

We are currently seeking a highly motivated Statistical Analyst, Data Scientist or Biostatistician to join our boutique contract research organization. We work with pharmaceutical companies around the world, including global teams and in-country affiliates from Canada, the US, the UK, and Europe. Our research and consulting services are driven by a focus on methodological rigour. In addition to working with the private sector, we support several research projects undertaken by public section organizations, as well as pursue grant funding to undertake our own research. Our projects leverage a powerful combination of capabilities in health economics, outcomes research, market access, medical writing, data analytics, and epidemiology.

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Job Summary

The Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician has the responsibility of working on a variety of diverse health outcomes research projects, under the supervision and guidance of a Principal.

The Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician works collaboratively with other members of project teams to support a positive team culture, grow internal capacity, and seek new opportunities for Medlior to positively impact global health.

The Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician will work within the Medlior team to complete a variety of project-related tasks when needed, including, but not limited to protocol development, dataset creation and analysis plans, data analysis and visualization, reporting and dissemination, liaising with clients, and managing contractors and junior staff. Additionally, the Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician may have the responsibility for signing-off certain project deliverables, with the approval of the Principal on the project.

The position requires work in quantitative research projects. Given the nature of the role, the Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician will need to be comfortable with shifting priorities, a variable workload, and working within the constraints of tight timelines.

Job requirements

Although this role will primarily focus on real-world evidence and data analytics, the Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician will also support other areas of work at Medlior. The job functions of the Statistical Analyst/Data Scientist/Biostatistician include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Data management, including using SAS to extract and merge data from Alberta administrative health datasets to assemble meaningful research-ready datasets for examining research questions (e.g., cohort derivation, cleaning, linking, deriving variables, and validating datasets)
  • Exploratory, descriptive, and inferential analysis in SAS of administrative health data and survey study data according to specifications in project analysis plans; meta-analyses for systematic literature reviews, etc.
    • Verification of accuracy of data analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results
    • Review (quality control) of code and results from other analysts, including cohort and variable validation and outputs
    • Ensuring clear, concise, accurate, and meaningful interpretation, communication, and presentation of result
  • Engaging actively with the project team to provide advice on research feasibility, design, methodology, availability of Alberta administrative health data
  • Developing analytical plans for proposals and protocols, dataset creation and statistical analysis plans, reporting, and dissemination
  • Contributing estimates of timelines and resource allocation for data analysis
  • Discussing and approving the analytical strategy with the Biostatistician/Principal
  • Conducting literature reviews of methodology to inform study protocols, project proposals, marketing products, build internal capacity, etc.
  • Development and implementation of SOPs for Medlior data analytics
    • Implementing a data management strategy (e.g. documentation of all analyses and file organization)
    • Ensuring data security at Medlior (backing up data, code, etc.)
  • Building “Medlior” methodology guides and efficiencies (e.g. SAS Macros) in data management and statistical analysis and ensuring execution of sound and consistent statistical methodology
  • Escalating resource/organizational issues to the Project Lead/Principal
  • Contributing to or leading client communications and external meetings (regarding analytical materials or issues)
  • Ensuring all client feedback has been addressed appropriately or flagged for discussion
  • Identifying and discussing the need for scope amendments with the Project Lead/Principal
  • Participating in recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees
  • Supervising, coaching and mentoring junior staff (Research Associates, Research Assistants, Research Students).
  • Provide and seek regular feedback from all members of project teams
  • Continuing to maintain and expand professional skills including expertise in the use of administrative and other health data
  • Supporting other projects at Medlior, including evidence generation, health technology assessments, etc.


  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline including statistics, biostatistics, epidemiology, health services research, or a related field
  • Knowledge of health administrative coding and data holdings available in Alberta
  • Understanding of health services research concepts and how to use administrative data in health services research
  • Ability to apply statistical and epidemiological methods/principles to health services research is preferred
  • Demonstrated experience using SAS with administrative health data including competence in SQL and macro writing
  • Demonstrated attention to detail in programming and resolving data anomalies
  • Two to five years’ experience with health administrative databases
  • High-level proficiency with MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to develop project deliverables/models
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential
  • Ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary project teams and provide direct feedback on tasks completed to ensure high-quality deliverables within agreed timelines
  • Ability and desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment, including willingness to take on responsibilities outside one’s typical scope of work
  • Ability to motivate teams and demonstrate pride in the project deliverables

Person Specification

Key Competencies


Organization and time management

This is key. You will be continually asked to meet the demands of clients and of your team, all while working to tight timelines. You consequently need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, without compromising quality.


Every project is a group project. Successes are shared, as are failures. You need to be the person who goes the extra mile for your teammates, and knows that when something goes wrong, there is a lesson in it for everyone.

Critical thinking and analysis

You have been described as analytical and you love a good problem to solve. Your decision-making is logical, rational, and objective. You know you don’t know everything, so are good at asking the right questions.

Resourcefulness and initiative

You find ways over, around, and through barriers to success. You have examples of achieving results despite a lack of resources. You go beyond the call of duty and show a bias for action.

Creativity and adaptability

You are the type of person who gets energized by change, not frustrated by it. You like to generate new approaches to solve old problems, and like finding innovations to established best practices.

SAS skills

Your coding in SAS is good enough that you would brag about it to your friends, were it not a weird and awkward thing to brag about. Writing new macros to streamline work brings you joy. 


From communicating ideas to your team to presenting study results to clients, you organize and present information in a way that makes people sit up and pay attention. Figures are your go-to way to communicate results.


Deadlines can be tight, but you remain stable and poised under pressure. Comments on your hard work can sting, but you know they’re not personal.


Every day is a school day. You recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, without getting defensive. You don’t rationalize mistakes or blame others.

Additional Information

Employment is contingent on the applicant’s confirmation of eligibility to be employed in Canada (i.e. a valid social insurance number and, if applicable, supporting documentation from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)). It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they are legally entitled, pursuant to IRCC’s requirements, to work at Medlior.

Candidates will be contacted via Medlior email to schedule first-round interviews. Please ensure to check your Spam or Junk Mail email folder to prevent missed communication, and mark the email as “not junk”.





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