2023 Workshop Series
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2023 Workshop Series

Medlior is offering a workshop series in 2023 to inform hot topics in HEOR to our clients and collaborators.

First up this year is our Canadian RWD 101 workshop, the objectives include:

1.Introduction to RWD/RWE
2.Overview of Canadian RWD sources
Pros and cons for industry-sponsored studies
3.Process and requirements for accessing data
4.Latest trends
Outcomes-based agreements
CADTH and INESSS guidance
Global applications
5.Case study examples

The workshop is 2 hours and led by Tara Cowling, Founder and President of Medlior, and Eileen Shaw, Principal of RWE at Medlior.

Next is our GRADE workshop, where the objectives are the following:

1.Overview of CADTH procedures for manufacturer clinical evidence
Former –vs– New changes (October 2022)
2.Introduction to the GRADE tool
3.Live demonstration of the GRADE tool
4.International use of GRADE for HTA

The workshop is 3-hours and is lead by Tara Cowling, Founder and President of Medlior, and Dr Ahmed Abou-Setta, Director of Knowledge Synthesis, George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (University of Manitoba) and Manitoba SPOR SUPPORT Unit.

The workshops will be hosted by Medlior on the Zoom platform. Organizational attendance is limited to 100 attendees.

The cost for these workshops is $6400 CAD each for an organization and $500 for an individual. After the meeting, a PDF copy of the presentation slide deck along with Q&A meeting notes will be provided.

**stay tuned for additional workshops on hot RWE topics of predictive analytics and health system costing using administrative data for life cycle planning.

For more information, please contact us at info@medlior.com

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