Back to school and back to germs
December 19, 2016


Whether it’s kindergarten or post-secondary, one common thing about school settings is that they breed germs! Once the kids are back in school, the coughs and runny noses can become a common occurrence, and affect all members of a family. Kids are exposed to colds, respiratory viruses, influenza, strep throat, and other contagious germs through touching infected surfaces, sharing objects, and being in close contact with each other. Implementing preventative habits could help to decrease the number of school days missed for children, and the amount of work parents miss due to taking care of a sick child or getting sick themselves. In addition to the importance of frequent hand washing and practicing germ etiquette (e.g. sneezing into your elbow, regularly cleaning reusable water bottles, cleaning backpacks and handheld devices) is avoiding germ hot-spots such as water fountains, can all go a long way towards improving your odds in the fight against autumn germs. Keeping the immune system strong by getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating well can also help.

Medlior wishes everyone a healthy back to school season!