CADTH 2019: IdeNtiFying Outcomes in Real-World Multiple Myeloma
April 23, 2019

IdeNtiFying Outcomes in Real-World Multiple Myeloma (INFORMM): Insights in Methodology for Using Administrative Health Data in Alberta

An ongoing study of newly-diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM) is the first of its kind in Canada to explore real-world treatments, survival and health system utilization in patients with MM. The study will link multiple datasets from Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services (AHS), presenting a unique opportunity to understand the real-world management of MM. The methodology for analyzing the robust province-wide Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) and laboratory data (e.g. cytogenetic tests) will be explored, as there are currently no standardized methodologies for using these datasets.

The PIN and laboratory datasets will be used to examine treatment patterns, clinical characteristics, and outcomes. MM treatment regimens/lines will be developed with modifications to published methods, using Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical codes and dispensing dates.

The study cohort was developed using a validated algorithm of MM ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CA diagnostic codes and further verified with physician input. A total of n=1729 patients were identified with MM diagnosis between 2011-2016, with n=1377 patients receiving MM treatment. The incident cases in 2012 (n=210) align with the AHS 2012 Report on Cancer Statistics (n=209). Case validation using laboratory data will follow.

Although there are many challenges with using administrative health data, the richness of the PIN and laboratory data present a wealth of opportunities to inform patient care. Future studies may benefit from our shared methodology to establish best practices in conducting and reporting real-world studies. Finally, providers and decision-makers may gain insights into using administrative health data as a source of real-world evidence.

Interested in learning more? Please see the poster presented by Eileen Shaw at the 2019 CADTH Symposium in April 2019, check it out here: INFORMM Study EHA 2019  and Contact us to learn how Medlior can support your next research project.