Insights into how Real World Radar can improve research
October 8, 2019

Five Ways Real World Radar can support your business or next research project

In June 2018, Medlior launched Real World Radar (RWR). This first-to-market, proprietary directory houses real world databases from across the globe. Real world data, paired with in-depth analysis, leads to vital insights regarding long-term safety and effectiveness of treatments and burden of disease on patients and the health system.

Due, in large part, to electronic health records, the opportunities for Real World Evidence to improve patient care and inform clinical decision-making are extraordinary. Here are five ways Real World Radar can be used to support your business and inform your next research project.

1. A wealth of information regarding Canadian and International datasets 

Real World Radar currently captures information on over 1400 health datasets, with regular updates so the number and breadth of included datasets is always expanding. The datasets in the Real World Radar repository span a variety of therapeutic areas and countries and several Canadian and US datasets are captured. Many of these datasets are readily available for use in industry-funded research projects.

 2. Diverse therapeutic areas 

The databases captured in Real World Radar are diverse. Therapeutic areas include health services data, oncology, diabetes, neurology, psychiatric disorders, hematological disorders, other chronic diseases, and more.

3. Finding Real World Data has never been so convenient 

Real World Radar compiles over a thousand datasets from a variety of sources into a single online directory with advanced search functionality. For each dataset, relevant details including the dataset name, jurisdiction, therapeutic area, and key variables are listed. This allows researchers to quickly filter their search for relevant datasets by jurisdiction and therapeutic area, and to assess whether relevant information is captured within those datasets.

4. Easy to use

Real World Radar is proud to announce its new interface where datasets are organized categorically with advanced user-friendly navigation. This allows subscribers to rapidly focus and revise their search criteria in order to identify datasets specific to their research needs.

5. Quality Real World Datasets 

Real World Radar is committed to providing subscribers with the highest standard of information available. The Real World Radar team is trained to rigorously search for and gather information on real-world datasets, so subscribers can be confident that the information provided is of the highest quality available.

Know a great dataset? Real World Radar welcomes anyone to suggest datasets or to provide information for any dataset that they know to be added to the repository. Not signed up for Real World Radar? Sign up today!