ISPOR 2024 in Atlanta!
May 13, 2024

Medlior was thrilled to participate in the ISPOR 2024 Annual Meeting held in Atlanta. This event stands as an annual highlight, drawing experts together to delve into the latest advancements, challenges, and trends in healthcare economics and outcomes research (HEOR). The overarching theme of this year’s gathering was “HEOR: A Transformative Force for Whole Health,” reverberating across discussions spanning real-world data (RWD), health equity, and the intricate evaluations of novel interventions.

Value Assessment Emerges as Key Focus

Central to the conference was the imperative to define and evaluate the value of interventions. Aligned with the conference theme, value was explored from a holistic standpoint, encompassing diverse outcomes such as clinical effectiveness, economic implications, and the perspectives of patients and caregivers. With the dynamic landscape of US healthcare prompting profound shifts, the necessity for value assessments has never been more pronounced. Particularly, the burgeoning rare disease pipeline underscores the urgency for robust evaluations, given the inherent uncertainty surrounding new treatments’ anticipated value. The conversation continues regarding various payment models aimed at guaranteeing value for groundbreaking therapies, notably high-cost cell and gene therapies. These models will necessitate comprehensive patient-level data for accurately evaluating pertinent outcomes within real-world contexts. We foresee this realm undergoing rapid evolution as we glean insights from the negotiation and implementation of diverse payment models within varied healthcare systems.

AIs Role in HEOR Explored

Given the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), it comes as no surprise that discussions surrounding its integration into HEOR were paramount at ISPOR. With applications ranging from evidence synthesis to data extraction and modeling, AI holds the promise of accelerating research, unlocking novel data sources, and revealing new insights. Key insights gleaned from the myriad sessions and posters emphasized the value of collaboration, the importance of acknowledging AI’s limitations, and the indispensability of human oversight to ensure its judicious application.

Advanced Methodologies

A particular area of interest for our team is advanced methodologies being applied in the field of HEOR. Medlior had the privilege of contributing to a panel discussion on the application of doubly robust causal inference methods, such as targeted maximum likelihood estimator (TMLE), showcasing their superiority over conventional approaches. TMLE  is a general flexible methodology that learns from the data, rather than traditional parametric methods that rely on restrictive assumptions and often mis-specified statistical models. We had the privilege of collaborating with Dr Mark van der Laan of UC Berkeley, the pioneer in this domain, and Dr Stephen Duffield, the Associated Director of RWE at NICE, to discuss how these advanced methodologies integrate machine learning to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional statistics.

How Can Medlior Help?

As discussions about measuring value in healthcare and the use of AI evolve, Medlior is ready to help our clients understand these changing trends. With our long history of evidence generation to support the evaluation of new healthcare technologies and ensuring continued access to markets, as well as our experience in the rare disease space where whole health has been prominent, we are well-equipped to support our clients in the development of their value assessment strategy.

Further, Medlior is actively applying AI in our research studies to improve the quality and efficiency of research. This has enabled us to generate new real world data sources, demonstrate why machine learning analytic methods outperform traditional parametric models, and produce rapid insights from the literature.

Contact us at to learn more about our services and how we can support your Value Strategy.

We are grateful for our opportunity to participate in such a thought-provoking conference and look forward to next year!