Looking Forward for 2021
January 25, 2021

In January of 2020, we started the year with a passion for innovation and collaboration to produce impactful health outcomes research projects. We certainly could not have predicted the year that would follow, and while it was unprecedented, it also emphasized the vital role of health research in our society.

In previous years, we have attempted to predict the trends and innovations that would drive the year ahead. Although this year may still bring unexpected opportunities and challenges, we believe the following are topics likely to drive health research in 2021. 

COVID-19 vaccine rollout 

The COVID-19 vaccination rollout for high-risk populations began across Canada in early 2021. The Government of Canada is targeting to have all Canadian’s offered vaccination by September.

The importance of mental health

Given the effects of living through a global pandemic with multiple lockdowns, mental health is going to be an increasingly important area of research and support.

Serious health implications for post-COVID-19

The decrease in cancer screening and physician visits for the management of chronic conditions may pose serious health implications post-COVID-19. 

Changes to the way we work

Professional training and development events, such as scientific conferences, may continue to offer a virtual access option post -COVID-19 to increase worldwide attendance and reduce the cost of travel. 

Additionally, remote work may significantly increase post-COVID-19, and this may benefit the health and wellness of working parents and families. 

Companies that adapt will succeed

Companies that incorporate the latest technology for effective remote-based collaboration may surge in revenue and retention of staff, while those who “wait for things to return to normal,” may be left behind.

Medlior 2021

Whatever is in-store for 2021, Medlior’s multidisciplinary team is looking forward to collaborating with our clients on a myriad of innovative and impactful research projects. 

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