Medlior – Continuing Our Growth For The Future
August 13, 2019

Since 2008, when Founder Tara Cowling started Medlior Health Outcomes Research, we have grown by leaps and bounds.

The Medlior team now has 15 full-time staff with another 40 regular contractors – all of whom hold advanced degrees – that allow us to offer a range of research services including systematic literature reviews, economic modelling, advanced analytics, and medical writing.

Our growth provided an opportunity to develop our proprietary, first-to-market online directory Real World Radar. This directory includes a comprehensive listing of more than 800 real-world databases that capture patient-level data from across the globe. Real World Radar continued to grow with new databases added each month to inform researchers, funders and policymakers who are interested in Real-World Evidence.

Medlior is poised to become a global leader in Real-World Evidence after being selected as a recipient of the Women Entrepreneurship Fund by the Government of Canada. This unique fund provides support to women to grow their business and facilitate their pursuit of opportunities in markets abroad. These funds will allow Medlior to advance our marketing efforts to reach a larger international audience, grow our business and affect real change in health care decision-making both locally and internationally.

Medlior brings a phenomenal team of experienced researchers to support the needs of your business, Contact Us to see how Medlior can add value to your next research project.

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