Mental Health Awareness
May 11, 2018

Did you know that one in five people in Canada will struggle with a mental health issue, and that only one in three of these individuals will report seeking and receiving treatment or services?

May 2-8 was the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) 65th annual Mental Health Week across Canada. This event, promoting the theme “#GETLOUD”, was designed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. In addition, Mental Health Week offered practical strategies to maintain and improve mental health and ways for Canadians to support their recovery from mental illness.

The CMHA website is an excellent source of information for staying mentally healthy, and issues such as depression, anger, grieving, and stress are discussed. Individualized toolkits, designed to help celebrate Mental Health Week, were made available for the public, for schools, and for partners in the event.

This year, a special focus was brought to the mental health challenges of older adults, given that one in four Canadian seniors has a mental health issue. Considering that seniors are the fastest-growing age group in Canada, bringing awareness to this vulnerable and undertreated group is especially important.

Let’s all #GETLOUD for mental health awareness in Canada and around the world!