Genome Canada aims to advance research and enhance genomic knowledge to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and understanding of rare diseases, leading to better health outcomes for affected individuals. Their initiatives cover a broad range of genomic research projects, with specific diseases varying based on the projects and collaborations funded at a given time.

“All For One” is a precision health initiative led by Genome Canada to enable equitable and timely access to genome-wide sequencing data. The initiative will develop a health data ecosystem to connect and leverage genomic data across clinical sites in six provinces (BC, Alberta, Prairie, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic) to improve patient care and drive research breakthroughs. The ecosystem will enable data sharing between institutions, across jurisdictional boundaries, and between clinical and research settings.

Patient Involvement: Patients engage in advisory committees, providing valuable insights that shape research priorities and enhance the relevance of genomics advancements.

Initiatives: In October 2023, a $15M investment through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) was announced, to create the first-of-its-kind Pan-Canadian Genome Library in partnership with Genome Canada. The initiative which will allow for easier sharing of genomic data across Canada, supporting better and more equitable health outcomes.

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