The Health Data Research Network (HDRN) in Canada brings together people and provincial, territorial, and national data organizations across Canada for transformative and world-leading health data use. The data address many disease areas, including genetic, neurological, metabolic, and rare cancer disorders. The HDRN connects a range of health-related data, including electronic health records, administrative health data, genomic information, and patient-reported outcomes, to facilitate comprehensive and integrated health research.

Patient Involvement: The HDRN includes members of the public in decisions about health data through its Public Advisory Council (PAC). Currently, this Council comprises 12 members with diverse experiences related to geography, age, gender identity, occupation, language, culture, ethnicity, and other characteristics.

Initiatives: The HDRN created the Data Access Support Hub (DASH) to support and guide researchers in requesting multi-regional data for Canada. Additionally, in 2023, the HDRN introduced the HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program, to train researchers on the process of conducting pragmatic clinical trials (studies utilizing existing real-world data sources).

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