The Montreal Neurological Institute in Montreal, Canada is an academic healthcare institution and a McGill University research and teaching institute. The Institute addresses rare neurological diseases through interdisciplinary research initiatives, innovative medical approaches, and a commitment to advancing the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions to improve outcomes. The Institute generates diverse data for investigations into the genetic basis, molecular mechanisms, and clinical manifestations of rare neurological conditions with a goal of advancing diagnostics, therapeutic strategies, and overall understanding. The Institute houses and compiles tissue biobanks, to accelerate diagnoses.

Patient Involvement: Patients are involved in clinical research initiatives, and they also participate in clinical trials and contribute to biobanks.

Initiatives: The Rare Neurological Diseases Group is a leading Canadian center in neuromuscular and neurogenetics practice, training, and research. The Group’s major focus is on understanding the role of mitochondria in health and disease.

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