The University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Ontario is dedicated to advancing research, diagnostics, and treatments for rare diseases, with a commitment to improving patient outcomes through innovative and patient-centered approaches. Drawing from five research hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto, UHN generates diverse data on rare diseases, encompassing genetic, clinical, and patient-reported information.

Patient Involvement: Patients are involved as clinical trial participants and in patient-guided research by providing input on study design, outcomes, priorities, and knowledge translation.

Initiatives: UHN, in collaboration with McGill University, SickKids Hospital, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), and the BC Genome Sciences Centre, leads the Canadian Distributed Infrastructure for Genomics (CanDIG), a secure national platform connecting clinical and genomics datasets for researchers across Canada.

Partnerships: UHN partners with a wide range of organizations, in Canada and internationally, in the areas of research, education, and patient care. For example, industry partnerships contribute to “Commercialization at UHN”, a research commercialization hub that accelerates UHN’s research discoveries (e.g., therapeutics, devices, diagnostics) to increase their global impact.

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