Canadian firm Medlior impacts global health research with launch of Real World Radar directory
May 3, 2019

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Canadian firm Medlior impacts global health research with launch of Real World Radar directory

Comprehensive listing of Real World Datasets is first of its kind

Calgary, Alberta – (May 3, 2019) Medlior Health Outcomes Research Ltd. is positively impacting global health outcomes research through their proprietary online directory, Real World Radar.

This first-to-market directory of more than 800 Real World Databases, accesses data from across the globe to inform the opportunities and feasibility of generating Real World Evidence. Real World Data, paired with in-depth analysis, leads to vital insights regarding long-term safety and effectiveness of treatments and burden of disease on patients and the health system. Due in large part to electronic health records, the opportunities for Real World Evidence to improve patient care and inform clinical decision-making are extraordinary.

Real World Evidence is comprised of Real World Data, otherwise known as patient data, captured from routine clinical practice and not from randomized controlled trials. Real World Evidence complements and provides many advantages over clinical trial data. For example, studies with Real World Evidence typically include more diverse populations (ie: pregnant, elderly), more severe stages of disease, complex conditions (those with comorbidities) and allows for comparisons of new treatments to the current standard of care.

“Real World Radar aims to reduce duplication of research and highlight diseases and populations that are lacking data to inform their care; for example, rare diseases or marginalized populations,” says Medlior Founder, Tara Cowling.

Medlior’s Real World Radar provides a comprehensive listing of any database that captures patient-level data from around the world. The goal of Real World Radar is to inform opportunities for generating Real World Evidence by understanding what patient datasets are currently available, and in certain cases, for which populations there are data gaps. An important area for Real World Evidence is rare diseases where clinical trials are often not feasible to conduct due to the limited number of people within a research centre jurisdiction, therefore, real-world databases may provide a population cohort sizeable enough to produce robust evidence.

About Medlior

Medlior Health Outcomes Research Ltd. is an independent Canadian research consultancy based in Calgary, Alberta. The multidisciplinary team, including seasoned biostatisticians and epidemiologists, are well-known for their expertise in utilizing anonymous patient data from provincial health systems to address a variety of research questions. Medlior’s ability to independently access and examine Real World Evidence provides expansive opportunities to inform patient-oriented research. The Medlior team rigorously conducts health outcomes research leading to high-quality evidence to inform decision-making.

To learn more about Medlior or to access its Real World Radar database, a comprehensive listing of databases that capture patient-level data from around the world, please visit

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