Medlior & Nested Knowledge Partnership
March 13, 2024

Medlior, a leading provider of evidence synthesis and real-world evidence (RWE) based solutions, and Nested Knowledge, a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) driven evidence synthesis, systematic literature reviews, and meta-analysis, are pleased to announce their exciting new partnership. Through enhanced efficiency and high-quality output, this partnership aims to advance research processes that accelerate market access of novel therapies, diagnostics, and medical devices. Systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses are crucial in the comprehensive evaluation of all relevant research on any specific topic. Furthermore, this synthesized evidence is an integral part of evidence-based decisions, including outcomes assessments and health technology assessment (HTA) submissions.

Medlior’s collaboration with Nested Knowledge reflects its commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to drive research productivity with increased efficiency. The integration of Nested Knowledge’s AI-driven platform empowers Medlior’s team of experts in evidence synthesis and RWE generation to conduct comprehensive literature reviews and meta-analyses. From horizon scanning to facilitating study design, to filling evidence gaps and developing global value dossiers and HTAs, Medlior and Nested Knowledge are amalgamating their experience, skills, and methods with exciting technology to provide a robust evidence base that supports early-, mid- and late-stage product development.

“Our collaboration with Nested Knowledge represents a significant step forward in our mission to leverage cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions to our clients. By harnessing the power of AI-driven technologies, we aim to streamline the evidence synthesis process and deliver actionable insights that drive informed decision-making in healthcare.” ― Tara Cowling, President of Medlior


“Medlior’s world-class multi-disciplinary team of experts would be a great addition to any pharmaceutical company’s or other life science organization’s quest for high-quality, rapid turnaround evidence synthesis deliverables, from systematic literature reviews to gap analyses and evidence generation planning. For anyone looking for their projects to be delivered in a living form on the Nested Knowledge platform, we’d highly encourage you to engage with them!” ― Keith Kallmes, President of Nested Knowledge

Evidence Synthesis at Medlior

Medlior is a leading provider of evidence synthesis and RWE solutions, specializing in HEOR and market access. At Medlior, we partner with you to identify problems and craft tailored solutions throughout the entire project lifespan. We seamlessly integrate into your team and processes, ensuring that our commitment to your success is not just a service but a collaborative venture.

Consider Medlior an integral part of your evidence journey and a dedicated ally in achieving your goals. For more information, visit How Can We Help – Evidence Synthesis – Medlior

About Nested Knowledge

Nested Knowledge is an AI-powered living evidence platform that enables the extraction, analysis, and visualization of published clinical literature to facilitate the creation of interactive, web-based systematic literature reviews, meta-analyses, and evidence libraries. By prioritizing updateability, traceability, and visual interactivity, Nested Knowledge revolutionizes evidence synthesis processes, offering a dynamic approach to evidence generation.

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