Real World Radar


Whether you are from the public sector, non-profit or industry, you can access our comprehensive listing of Canadian real world patient datasets to inform your future research projects. Our precise search technology allows you to define your interest parameters by jurisdiction, disease, and other options to identify datasets relevant to your area of inquiry.

And as an annual member, you can also contribute a listing for your own datasets, allowing you to reach a wider and highly targeted audience. REAL WORLD RADARa catalyst for discovery and innovation.


We invite you to  take a sneak peek of REAL WORLD RADAR below.


Driven by scientific expertise and powerful analytics, MEDLIOR brings value and insights to every research project

Real world data paired with in-depth analysis leads to vital insights regarding patient characteristics, available treatment options, health system utilization, and clinical outcomes. The opportunities associated with real world data analysis are critical to improving patient care and informing clinical decision-making.

Real World Radar - Driven by scientific expertise and powerful analytics