Real World Solutions

The Medlior team is able to utilize real-world data (RWD) from a variety of sources to answer your research questions. Medlior collaborates with experienced biostatisticians from academia and the health system who provide expertise in working with Canadian and International RWD databases.

Administrative Health System Data

Health systems capture a wide array of data on an ongoing basis. Though this data is collected for administrative purposes, it can also be used to explore a number of topics relevant to patients, health systems, and payers, as well as for examining how drugs perform in the ‘real world’.

Researchers are able to identify populations of interest using a validated, condition-specific case definition or algorithm, which allows patients to be identified using disease-specific codes (e.g. ICD-9/ICD-10 codes) or prescription codes (e.g. drug identification numbers); often referred to as the patient cohort or sample. Once the patients of interest have been identified, researchers are able to link multiple datasets in order to look at a range of patient information including: demographics, comorbidities, prescription drug claims and health care utilization (e.g. hospitalizations, length of stay, readmission rates, physician visits, outpatient visits, mortality and costs).

Our team of experienced researchers can help you utilize administrative data to answer a number of clinical research questions. Medlior can assist your project from start to finish, including:

  • Consulting on data sources and data elements
  • Writing a research proposal and developing an analytical plan
  • Navigating the research ethics board approval process
  • Entering into Research Agreements with data custodians
  • Conducting appropriate and relevant data analysis
  • Reporting of data into formal reports and graphics
  • Disseminating findings (e.g. conferences and manuscripts)

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