Real World Solutions

The Canadian health system offers a rich collection of Real World Data. As an independent consultancy based out of Canada, MEDLIOR is positioned to access de-identified patient data in Alberta and to collaborate with other data owners across the country. 

Real World Evidence projects can be designed to provide researchers with evidence from a more diverse patient population and over a longer time period than traditionally available. As a result, insights drawn from Canadian Real World Data sources can be used to complement current clinical trial evidence.

MEDLIOR Real World Evidence projects can draw from a variety of data sources that include:

  • Patient demographics, clinical characteristics, and mortality rates;
  • Data on physician claims, hospitalizations, diagnosis and procedure codes; pharmaceutical data (including treatment patterns and adherence); and
  • Lab and diagnostic imaging data.

MEDLIOR’s experienced research team can assist with your Real World Evidence project from start to finish, including:

Development of the Research Proposal and Analytical Plan

  • Understanding the research area to develop novel research questions and objectives
  • Consulting on available data sources and data elements
  • Writing research proposals
  • Development of analytical plans

Research Ethics Board Application and Approval

  • Navigating the research ethics board approval process including application preparation

Managing Research Agreements with Data Owners

Data Linkages and Analysis

  • Complex data linkages across multiple datasets
  • Data management and verification
  • Conducting robust analysis and providing appropriate interpretation of the results


  • Reporting for internal audiences
  • Public dissemination through scientific conferences and manuscripts

Recent publications:

  • Gerber B, Cowling T, Chen G, Yeung M, Duquette P, Haddad P. The impact of treatment adherence on clinical and economic outcomes in multiple sclerosis: Real world evidence from Alberta, Canada. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 2017; 18(Supplement C): 218-24.
  • Gerber B., Cowling T., Chen G., et al. Linking Administrative Datasets from Alberta, Canada to Examine the Impact of Treatment Adherence on Healthcare Resource Utilization among MS patients. 2017 CADTH Symposium, 2017, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Gerber B., Cowling T., Chen G., et al. The Impact of Treatment Adherence on Clinical and Economic Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis: Real-World Evidence from Alberta, Canada. ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress, 2016, Vienna, Austria.
  • Gerber B., Cowling T., Chen G., et al. MS patient characteristics and healthcare resource utilization from administrative databases: real-world evidence from Alberta, Canada. 32nd ECTRIMS Congress, 2016, London, UK.